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all afternoon. annapolis, you're watching this. drivers out there, look at this. we're at 50 at 2:00. look at the torrential rain falling. meteorologist wyatt everhart will be here. right now we want this go to mike masco. you're monitoring it all. 50 going to the bay bridge. give it a few hours. we've been seeing the drenching downpours. there's a gust front. this is part of the shelf cloud. that's the good news. but severe weather down across annapolis. they have discontinued the warnings for much of the state. as you go well toward the south if your travels take you from 95 south, 50 to the bay bridge, be aware there could be flash flooding. we have a severe thunderstorm watch active until 9:00.
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we'll be watching the skies for perhaps more storms. the cluster of storms to the east of the city. get off the bay. we have a special marine warning, rock hall, centerville. they're getting smashed producing 1700 to 2,000 bolts per 15 minutes. that's a tremendous amount of lightning. we'll slide it over to the wide view crossing northern baltimore county. there's more storms and showers. they have to be monitored. all the action just to the east of the city limits. take a look at the temperatures. 99. frederick, 73 degrees. your 30-degree is in the 50, 60-mile radius. it feels like it's 107 in salisbury, feeling comfortable. we hit a record. we'll share that record in the seven-day forecast.
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>> this is the shot. the bay bridge is shot down. remember the last storm we had. we had cars overturn hitting the sides of the bridge. they have shut the bridge down. that's the reason for the backup. nobody is crossing the bay bridge until this storm passes through. we'll keep monitoring the situation and give you updates as we go throughout. get off the bay because of that marine warning. we're in the kidding around. listen. it's day three of no water for many business around the 20-inch water main break. small businesses have decided whether to operate without water or shut shop down. there are people working around the repair site who live right there on light street. >> we feel like we're in a third world company right now. we have no water. yesterday we had no elevators.
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today we have no air conditioning and we still have no water. we still have the el -- we have the elevators back. the water main break may have left some businesses downtown without water. people all the way to anne arundel are feeling the county. because of the breaks, officials have placed a mandatory 24-hour restriction on water use in northern sections of aa county. people in those parts should not water their lawns. use sprinkles, wash cars or fill up pools. the restriction are expected to continue for about two weeks. if you need all the latest information about the water main repairs and the traffic issues, just head to abc2 news/traffic.
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>> governor martin o'malley and house speaker michael bush met with members of the delegation trying to reach a compromise that would pave the way for a casino at national harbor. jeff hager has more on how that can affect city's cut of the pot. >> reporter: spots have already become a real fit at anne arundel. it will ultimately bring the unarmed bandits to baltimore. it could cut in boasmght the -- both. the governor could address that. >> you sequenced the timing of the sixth so it does not come on line until 2016. that gives you an opportunity to see what the benchmark is and you have provisions to make sure that the city and the anne arundel county are held harmless in terms of local share.
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>> reporter: the city committed to a slots parlor five years ago as a means to cut the property tax rate and to build new schools. it can't afford to have a new competitor cut into the bottom line. >> obviously, with the addition of a third site, the local impacts would be impacted and we believe we can take the money, put it in prince george's county, anne arundel and divide it up. >> reporter: lawmakers said they're open to compromise but three want to see the numbers in writing. >> one thing my mamma always told me -- get it in writing. we want to see it in writing. we have to make a decision, not just for the casino operator of baltimore city. we have to make a decision for what's best for the citizens of baltimore city. >> reporter: the governor has pledged to provide written form of the bill by the end of the
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week. anne arundel and prince george's counties are also getting the sale. >> i think if there isn't a majority, you probably won't have a special session. >> reporter: at baltimore city city hall, jeff hager. >> the clock is running down for the governor to call a special session and for lawmakers to approve table games. now baltimore's delegation argues it could hurt, but do they have a case? kelly swoope is live with a look at the numbers. >> investigators looked into how the new maryland live! casino affected the casino in perryville. in 26 days the casino took in $28 1/2 million. it appears to be cutting into perryville's take. in june they generated less than
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$8 million. that's a 21% drop in revenue from the month before and almost 10% less than hollywood casino made in june of last year. keep in mind, maryland live! hasn't been open a whole month yet. now it's important to point out these numbers are very small sample size but they could fuel the argument if this friend continue -- friend continues. tommy clack was feeling the heat in a court of law. after calling clack a shameless swindler and rotten criewk, a judge sentenced him to two years. prosecutors say he overcharged people by thousands of dollars, pavinger that driveway when he wasn't allowed to. payback is another story.
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>> i guarantee it he won't walk anymore. >> his attorney said he intended to come to court with money to pay his victims but give than he's going to jail that will be difficult. the nine people are owed $63,000. clack's sentence begins right now. once he's done, the judge ordered him to may that money back. for more, go to our website, and click on the investigator's tab, outstanding work from joce sterman. >> all right. those of you with at&t can now get a new wireless plan you'll be able to connect up to 10 phones and get unlimited calling and texting. verizon came out with its share everything. at&t's new mobile share will come out late next month. it will start keeping the
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individual family plans. you're looking at starting around $85. call me, maybe, boss. those who deal with financial numbers are predicting -- listen to this, the salary increases will run about 3% in 2013. now that doesn't sound too bad. >> your monthly grocery store bill may soon resemble a car payment. and your grocery bills might be going up but there are a few things. how your wallet may benefit from mother nature. >> i'm meteorologist mike masco, active radar. we had 104 degrees today. it's 76 right now. there's still some gusty storms to the east of us. we have this get through
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showers. we'll have the full forecast on the news at 6:00.
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all right. kent island, can you feel it? there's annapolis. we have dropped 28 degrees in an hour. the bay bridge was shut down a little while ago. now you see it's slowly moving. they will be closing the bay bridge on and off all night long. we'll keep watching this.
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we'll post the closings as best we can on our website, >> all right. this heat wave may be over but five more people have died. state health officials said that makes 23 deaths. harford, washington, montgomery and prince george's counties. well, it might be a good idea if you can to cross the bay bridge to the farm, buy up their corn, come back here, put the corn in a can. abc2's roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: wall street analysts predict the drought will make food prices go up. it's always good to buy local. prices are reflecting that. it just looks hot.
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a few tents in a here shoe pattern but the colors are fantastic. fruits and vegetables just picked this morning. >> cantaloupe. >> reporter: but the corn is a little smaller than it should be right now. the bottom is fat but the top near the tassle is not. the high heat is not good for pollennation. it's also suck the moisture out of plant -- sucking the moisture out of plants. he said his corn crop has taken a big hit from the high heat and lack of rain. >> the size is down. it does not have the moisture content. the watermelons won't gain the size. everything else is affected by the lack of water. >> over at the fair grounds,
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their afternoon farmers market, well, it's also very hot. he had to pump a lot of water this year to make his fruits and vegetables look good. he said in cooler temperatures, an inch of water in the field would keep moisture in the ground for almost a week. an inch now would get sucked away in about a day. that means his costs to produce food is going up. >> it's horrible. now are a looking at making $3 a dozen. >> that doesn't cut it. >> no. that doesn't work very good. >> now the prices from the local farmers market are relatively better than your local supermarket. a half a dozen tomatoes. squash and beans, a big mess of
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them about $3. that's 10% to 20% higher than last year for most of the farmers. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> if we see mother nature shopping, we'll give her a piece of our mind. the heat waves and drought conditions are driving food price up, but electric bills are rising because we have to cool down. on the plus side a warmer spring in new england has sent lots of prices plummeting. the lawn care bill should be down because less rain means less growth for our grass. we got some new warnings, we see warnings, and that's up
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until 6:45. we have this one lone flash flood warning but roads fanning out. a tremendous amount of lightning still over the same spot at 5:30. this storm is moving slowly toward the east at 15 miles an hour. let's take you closer. from chester river to queens town this is where we have the special marine warning. this storm is move sog slowly and it's producing a recommend men dust cloud to ground lightning. we've seen 1500 bolts per 15 minutes. that's tremendous. you're seeing a tremendous amount of rain. the good news, this has pushed away from parts of annapolis, seeing a couple of scattered
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showers. it's quite the lightning show. let's switch source. i want to go to kent island. this is prior to the huge gust front. this is what dropped temperatures in some cases 20 degrees. look how the winds churn up the bay. this was very strong storm that ran right along the bay bridge. another shot, look at annapolis. look at this cloud rolling through. we lose all the visibility. again, by the way, that's another reason why the special marine warnings will be in effect. amazing pictures on the weather bug camera. 76 in town. off 104 degrees today, what an impresssive afternoon. that's a 20-degree swing in temperatures. salisbury, you haven't seen the action yet. you're sitting at 95 degrees. that heat indices feeling like 107. the afternoon highs, forget it, 102. it was 104. that's a new record in the books. by the way, that was set back in
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1987. everything is pushing off to the east. there are more scattered showers we have to continue to watch. upper 70s to 80 degrees. tomorrow another 90-degree day. i think we'll put this delay in the books for the heat wave but there could be a gusty shower once again. the same deal goes into friday but we are forecasting temperatures to fall back in the middle to upper 80s. the temperatures will fall back to 80 degrees. we'll be into the upper 70s. strong storms ending early. spotty storms. otherwise a few passing showers. then spotty showers, mostly cloudy skies, 92. are. >> 's the seven-day forecast -- here's the seven-day forecast. comfort will be in the next 48 to 72 hours. there's the man. dry conditions and indications we could be into the 90s.
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92, 93, 92. another heat wave. we're talking about the whole crop situation. a lot of records that are falling are rivalling the 30s dust bowl. >> the dust bowl. >> that's another imprlssive stat. we'll do some blogging and look at our climatology. july will be the hottest month. >> all right. thank you, i think. all right. students, those who teach and work here at cop pen can't understand the deficit after one month into the fiscal year. they don't want layoffs. >> the big picture here is priorities. are they going to have the people on the growrntiond the boots on the -- ground, the boots on the ground to gift students the quality education they need or are they going to give it to a bunch of
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bureaucrats who sit around with the president and slam each other's back. cop pin's only had five presidents. all right. let's go outside. here we are on the bay bridge. when we joined you at 6:00, they shut the bridge down because of the wind, because of the storm. now they're letting the traffic go back. this will be on and off for the rest of your night. we'll keep you posted on abc2 news. @ [ barks ]
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we're talking about drug addiction. it doesn't stay in the back alleys. we reveal how it's becoming a suburban problem. a family from anne arundel county once homeless. there is a new house of success for this family. we'll have those stories when you join us at 11:00. >> by the way, we had a 50-mile-an-hour wind gust on the bay. that's why we had the special marine warning. queen anne's county still under a severe thunderstorm warning. drier by the weekend. >> let's take a look at bait
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